Reykjavik Classics features live classical music performed by artists of the highest caliber in “one of the ten best concert halls of the new millennium.” (Gramophone) 


Our artists

Our performing artists are leading soloists from the Iceland Symphony, the Icelandic Opera and more. Artistic director of Reykjavik Classics is pianist Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir.
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Our home

Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre offers great facilities for concerts and has received numerous awards and prizes.
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our hall

Our concerts are located in Eldborg, the main hall of Harpa. It has been acclaimed “one of the ten best concert halls of the new millennium” by Gramophone.
The hall is the home of Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera.

The program summer 2017
at 12.30 and 15.30 every day


June 26-July 2 – Favorite Flute Duos
Áshildur Haraldsdóttir, flute & Melkorka Ólafsdóttir, flute

July 3-9 – Mendelssohn First String Quartet op. 12
Joaquin Páll Palomares, violin, Vera Panitch, violin, Jevgenija Frolova, viola, Johan Krarup, cello

July 10-16 – Beethoven Piano Quartet op. 16
Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir, piano, Ari Þór Vilhjálmsson, violin, Þórunn Ósk Marinósdóttir, viola, Sigurður Bjarki Gunnarsson, cello

July 17-23 – Schumann Fantasie & Volkstone
Sigurgeir Agnarsson, cello & Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir, piano

July 24-30 – Mozart & Kreisler
Guðný Guðmundsdóttir, violin & Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir, piano

July 31-Aug 6 – Sound the Trumpets
Guðmundur Hafsteinsson, trumpet, Baldvin Oddsson, trumpet, Vilhjálmur Ingi Sigurðarsson, trumpet, Jóhann Ingvi Stefánsson, trumpet

August 7-13 – Beethoven Lieder
Þóra Einarsdóttir, soprano & Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir, piano

August 14-16 – Great Guitar Solos
Svanur Vilbergsson, guitar


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Introduction concert with sound on youtube HERE